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How do you save a piece of wilderness?

Agnew Stewardship Walk

The concept of a land trust came to this region in the early 1990s when a handful of motivated people were looking for new ways to preserve wilderness areas. (more…)

Introducing kids to nature is good for the future

Having fun out in nature

Our most memorable childhood experiences, those that shape us, take place in the company of a trusted adult. (more…)

Taking Care of our Land: Spring 2015

A Bobolink with a Geolocator Backpack is held in the finers of a volunteer with a split rail fence and tree in the background.

On June 29th ¬† our Bobolink team¬† completed banding and deploying geolocators on 12 male Bobolinks within the Carden Alvar project area. (more…)