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Spring partners; flowers and bees

Photo of Hepatica by John Challis

With the snow disappearing, it’s a great time to get out and explore our region’s forests as they get ready for another growing season. (more…)

Don’t get complacent about that clean smell in the air

Photo of Grant's Woods by JS Photography

It’s a funny thing to think of a smell when you’re listing the things that make you want to live in a place. But for me, the scent of a place matters. (more…)

Water Quality: Testing Our Assumptions

Cruising the Talbot River during the Carden Nature Festival.

On a warm spring day, a quiet stream meanders through the Carden Plain on its way to Canal Lake.  Grazing cattle lazily walk down to the water for a drink.  Tails lift, cow pies drop. (more…)