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Added outing

Orillia Naturalistsí Club picnic at Victoria Falls in Queen Elizabeth II Park

  Sat. August 27. Meet behind Zehrís at 9:30 am. And to carpool.

We will go by way of Cooperís Falls, then follow along the Black River to Victoria Bridge, 
with stops along the way to see hidden lakes, a floating bog, an Indian camping ground, and whatever else interests us.

The overwhelming deer flies should be ok by then. The road is adequate.

Leader is Sue Deadman, who may be contacted  at  705 835 5355 or suec2251@hotmail.com

June 20:  A Hummingbird Clearwing moth (Hermaris thysbe),  nectaring on Vervain,
was photographed by Heather Ewing,  beside the road to Victoria Bridge.
 The protruding tongue is visible in the photo on the left.

Victoria Bridge

Every fall four of the Naturalist Clubs in Simcoe North - the Midland-Penetanguishene Field Naturalists, the Brereton Field Naturalists of Barrie, the Orillia Field Naturalists and the Carden Field Naturalists - have made it a tradition to start off their season with a Joint Meeting where members can get together to share their love of nature.  Hosting duties rotate between the 4 groups and this year it is our turn in Midland-Penetanguishene.  This year we are also inviting 2 fairly new groups to join us - the Copeland Forest Friends Association and the Friends of Nancy Island and Wasaga Beach Park.  

The Joint Meeting will be held on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016, 7:30 PM at the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, 16160 Hwy 12 East in Midland. 
Our Guest Speaker:   Bridget Stutchbury
Her Topic: Frequent Fliers: New Discoveries in Songbird Migration

Each fall, billions of songbirds leave Canada on an epic journey to their far-away wintering grounds in Central and South America where many live in tropical forests shared by toucans, howler monkeys, and jaguars. Dozens of species have experienced serious, long-term population declines that are driven in part by the threats that these birds face on migration and while in the tropics.  But only recently has it been possible to track the entire migration of individual songbirds to find out how they accomplish their amazing 10,000 km (or more!) round trip and to map out critical habitats used during migration. Bridget Stutchbury will reveal her surprising migration tracking results for Purple Martins and Wood Thrushes and discuss how this research can help us save songbirds. 
As usual we will start off the meeting with some "Bragtime" where representatives of the clubs can fill us in on what they've been up to and what they're planning for the future.  Please keep it concise, in the 5 minute range, so that we don't wear the audience out before we get to our guest speaker.  We will be holding a 50/50 draw and will also have our MPFN "magic bean soup" available for sale.  Our club also regularly holds a Great Nature Book Sale.  Members donate nature books that they are done with from their libraries, attendees browse the selection, pay whatever they think the books are worth and take them home.  If any of your members would like to help out and make a little room on their own bookshelves by donating books, bring them along - this would certainly help us cover some of the costs of the meeting.  Normally at our meetings we ask non-members to consider making a $5 donation to help cover expenses.  This will certainly be waived for any members of the invited groups and I think we will waive it for any members of the general public who would like to attend this meeting as well.  We will just tell them that they should be members of one of the groups and leave it at that.  Coffee, tea and refreshments will be offered at the meeting.  


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