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Wednesday, November 2, 2016 7:30 p.m.

Guest speaker: Lev Frid, Naturalist, Ministry of Natural Resources

Topic: "Arizona's Second Spring - A Naturalist's Journey into the Monsoon Season".

 Many might think that during the heat of summer, Arizona is the last place one would visit.
 In fact, the summer monsoon rains create an amazing bloom of new life
- from grassland sparrows appearing from seemingly nowhere, to rare dragonflies gambling with time.

 Join Lev on a journey through the unique ecosystems found on the US-Mexico border as  the rains flush the desert a bright green,
- and the creatures that call them home emerge to breed against a breathtaking backdrop of the Madrean Sky Islands."

Lev Frid has worked as a Naturalist in Algonquin Park for the past eight years, leading a variety of educational programs
 for the public and private groups.
When not in Algonquin Park, Lev leads wildlife excursions throughout the world, especially tropical America
. He has traveled extensively throughout North and Central America in search of birds and other wildlife, and has lived part-time
in Costa Rica and Ecuador.
One of his favorite hobbies is photographing wildlife (the more obscure, the better) and his photos have been featured in several publications.

Contact: Barb Ryckman (705) 242-4026


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